In my current job as a Software Developer, I use C#. I use Visual Studio as my IDE along with WPF (occasionally WinForms), MVVM architecture, and DevExpress controls. I enjoy my job as part of a small company as I can be fixing a bug deep in the software one moment, then adding buttons to the user interface the next.

Bulk Edit Calendar EventsThis is the most popular program I have written in my personal time. It uses the full, official Google Calendar API and a GUI to edit Google Calendar Events in bulk.

YouTube Subscription DownloaderThis is a simple program that runs in the background on your computer. It gathers all your YouTube subscriptions and checks every few minutes for a new upload. Once a new upload is detected, it asynchronously downloads it to a folder that you specify

Ballerina PDFThis program is for simple PDF editing. It can rotate pages, remove pages, and merge PDFs together. This is supposed to be a small, portable alternative to any ad-ridded, difficult-to-use, free websites that have the same features

SalesMapOther than the program I work on every day, this is my most-used C# program. The idea for this came from a paper map to plot sales representative territories for my company. It was rarely updated, hard to maintain, cumbersome to use, and arguably lacking in features. As a response, I made SalesMap. It greatly simplifies this workflow for our support team and excels in all the areas where the original map failed.

SkypeStatus (aka “Lunch Break”)At my company, we use Skype for Business to communicate with each other. I liked the idea of setting my status to “busy” when I left for lunch and “available” when I came back. The problem was, I was always forgetting to set it back because S4B sits in the very bottom corner of my 4 monitor setup. So I made this simple program with 3 main features: a large “Busy” button, a large “Available” button, and a timer. Clicking the busy button sets S4B status to Busy and starts the timer (Available stops the timer and changes the status back). A couple bonus features are that the timer will beep as it gets close to 1 hour (the length of my lunch break), will snap to the mouse (and turn red) when the time is up, and is always-on-top so that it can’t be accidentally hidden by any other windows.

Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script is a JavaScript-based programming environment through Google Drive. Script files can be created in Google Drive as standalone or run in the background behind spreadsheets or documents. At a very basic level, these can be used to perform advanced functions on Google services (e.g. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, etc). More information can be found here:

Bulk Edit Calendar EventsA tool for editing multiple Google Calendar events at once. This is easily my most popular Google Apps Script program and people still access it frequently and tell me how it helped them out. wrote an article about it here:

GAS/ICS SyncMany services generate ics or ical files that you can subscribe to in Google Calendar. When they are updated, Google Calendar will automatically update them on your calendar. The problem is that this can be as slow as every 12 or even 24 hours. This program is a workaround that can be updated as frequently as every minute.

Various Other ScriptsGoogle Apps Script is a great way to write a small, simple script for programmatically doing something with a Google service. It’s also a great way to get familiar with an third-party service’s API. This is a GitHub where I am in the process of uploading all of my scripts so that everyone else can benefit from them