IMG_20180217_123924 CroppedThank you for visiting my website! Located here is some of my contact information as well as some other pieces of information that I like to get out to people. If you need to contact me, below are my various forms of communication.

Email is by far the best for me, but if you want to get ahold of me right away, please send me a text.
Email: When able, I check email at least every hour. If I am able, I commit to getting back to you within the hour. If that’s not quick enough, please use my phone number below.
Phone (calling & text): 503.877.5610 *If you would like me to have your number, please send me a text with your name
Skype: derekantrican
Mailing Address: (If you would like my mailing address, please contact me first via one of the methods indicated above.)